How to buy Polygon’s NFTs on OpenSea

How to buy Polygon’s NFTs on OpenSea


OpenSea is the most popular NFT marketplace.

Polygon is one type of blockchain, and Polygon powers our Meisen NFT. This help page will guide you through the surest, though not the fastest or cheapest, way to purchase Polygon’s NFTs on OpenSea.


The whole procedure is as follows.

  1. Create a wallet
  2. Add Polygon Network
  3. Buy and withdraw ETH
  4. Move ETH to the Polygon network
  5. Preparation for MATIC
  6. Buy polygon’s nfts on OpenSea
  7. Create wallet
  8. Adding a Polygon network

How to add automatically (for desktop browsers)

  • Go to polygons can and press the “Add Polygon Network” button in the footer

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How to add manually

* The latest RPC URL is Please note that some of the commentary articles may be out of date.

  1. Buy and withdraw ETH.

How to guide you this time

  1. Open an account at a domestic cryptocurrency exchange.
  2. Deposit Japanese Yen and buy ETH (Ether).
  • At that time, we recommend purchasing a slightly larger amount than the price of the item you plan to purchase. This is because fees will be charged in the following situations.
      • Approximately 0.005 ETH when remittance from an exchange to a wallet address created with MetaMask (It varies depending on the exchange. Please check the fee of your exchange)
      • The cost of gas when bridging from the Ethereum mainnet to the Polygon mainnet varies considerably depending on the timing and time. Still, as a specific example, there was a case where it cost 0.000743 ETH as of 2022/10/30. Please refer to us.
    • 0.1MATIC is enough to obtain the necessary MATIC for gas when purchasing NFT. 0.1MATC is 0.00006177ETH as of 3/10/2023. Please refer to us
  1. Send ETH to the address prepared in “1. Creating a wallet.”

Other choices

  • Buy ETH directly from the menu displayed in the MetaMask “Buy” button without going through a cryptocurrency exchange.
    • [Note] It may be expensive. In addition, payment methods may be limited or changed. We recommend that you do your research.
  1. Move ETH to Polygon Network

The method I will show you this time

is that you can move/transfer ETH to Polygon in OpenSea’s service (By doing so, you can get the purple ETH (Wrapped ETH, ETH in Polygon) necessary for purchasing NFT. Increase.

  1. Click on the wallet icon in the upper right corner of OpenSea
  2. Click on the Ethereum three-dot menu and select Bridge to Polygon
  3. After that, please specify the required amount according to the guidance.

Other choices

    • Connect to Polygon Web Wallet, e.g., How to use Polygon Bridge? (BINANCE Academy)
  1. Go to Bridge from the menu and transfer ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to Polygon from the Deposit tab.
  2. wait
  3. You can get the transferred WETH (Wrapped ETH)

*Either method will incur a fee. Also, don’t think the method I will show you here is the cheapest. Please understand that point.

*Long waiting time will occur. Please wait patiently.

* The remittance should have been completed, but it may not be displayed in MetaMask. In that case, please try to “Add (Import) Token” manually.

  1. Preparation of MATIC

How to guide you this time

  1. Connect to Polygon Web Wallet
  2. Go to Swap from the menu and exchange (Swap) part of the ETH you have with MATIC
  3. wait
  4. Get a replacement MATIC

* There are many other ways to get MATIC cheaply. Meisen NFT has a limited frequency of use, so we have introduced an easy-to-understand method even if the fee is relatively high. If you choose to focus on fees, please do your research.


Among Discord servers, we may run a campaign to give away MATIC for free. Please pay attention to that.

  1. Purchase on OpenSea
  2. Visit the Meisen NFT collection page
  3. Select the ID you want to purchase and click “Add to cart.”
  4. For subsequent payments, 0.005 ETH for the price and a small amount of MATIC for gas will be charged.
  5. Purchase completed! Thank you. May all of you be blessed with flowers!

Better to know

Precautions when withdrawing Polygon ETH (WETH)

Do not send Polygon’s ETH (WETH) directly to exchange addresses. It disappears (say “self-GOX”). Withdraw to the Ethereum mainnet once, then remit to the exchange address. This is a very famous trap that tends to occur frequently. Please remember this.

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