Improve the tracker’s battery life

How can I improve my tracker’s battery life?

Our latest trackers have a battery life of up to 7 days thanks to the energy-saving zone function, as the tracker is then connected to a Wi-Fi source in a safe area, for example, at home. The expected battery life is 2-5 days with our previous tracker models.

The tracker sends location information less often when your pet is idle to save power. However, while your four-legged friend is on the go, the tracker uses more battery because it updates the position more often when it is in motion. If you activate LIVE Tracking, you will receive a position update every few seconds, consuming more battery. If your four-legged friend is always on the move, you must charge the tracker more often than for a pet who relaxes more often.

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In addition to activity level, a few other factors affect your tracker’s battery life.

What factors affect the battery life of the Tractive GPS Tracker?

Cellular coverage: The more robust the cellular signal in your area, the easier it is for the tracker to connect and stay connected. If the device is in a room with a weak password or carrier problems, the battery may drain faster than in areas with excellent network coverage.

GPS Availability: The tracker works best when GPS signals are available outdoors and under clear skies. Prolonged GPS signal interference can reduce battery life. For example, this occurs when the tracker is inside a building, and the roof blocks the GPS signal, causing it to consume more battery as it tries to find the position.

Temperature: Extreme temperatures (below -5°C and above 40°C) may affect battery life and efficiency. We recommend, as far as possible, avoiding sudden temperature changes.

Pet Activity: Is your pet constantly on the move? Higher activity levels result in more frequent fixes, which can result in shorter battery life.

Using LIVE Tracking: LIVE mode uses more battery than the tracker in standard tracking mode.

Hardware/Software: Damaging the device or not updating the software can result in a shorter battery life.

How can my tracker’s battery life be improved?

Follow these seven steps to get the longest possible battery life for your Tractive GPS tracker:

  • Activate the energy-saving mode.
  • Using our latest model for dogs or cats, you can create a power-saving zone to enjoy longer battery life.
  • Activate Bluetooth and GPS / location data on your smartphone when you are indoors / near your pet.
  • Make sure your tracker is always up to date.
  • Limit LIVE Tracking to cases where your pet is missing or out of sight. You can also see where your pet is in the default location mode.
  • Ensure your pet’s tracker is not covered or has a clear view of the sky, and avoid turning on LIVE Tracking when your pet is indoors. As with your smartphone, the structure of buildings will interfere with GPS signals, which will also reduce GPS accuracy.
  • Don’t use the tracker in areas with a weak (or no) cellular signal. The signal strength on your smartphone can be a good indicator of network coverage.


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